Fasolino's Premium Qualita Tomatoes contain only the finest high quality tomatoes in Italy.

We offer a selection of premium gourmet canned tomatoes for genuine old country cooking at home. Authentic flavors and aromas reminiscent of the smells flowing with the winds through the hillsides of Italy.

All Fasolino's Tomatoes are available in a variety of types and sizes::

Fasolino's Tomatoes Selection
- Whole Italian Tomatoes
- Crushed Italian Tomatoes
- Peeled/Puree Italian Tomatoes
Available Sizes:

28 oz
Custom Sizes Upon Request

Institutional, Retail, Private and Controlled Labels are also available upon request


Fasolino's Tomatoes win the Santé Gold Star Award!

Fasolino's was awarded the Santé Gold Star for its Prima Qualita Italian Tomato Puree.

Santé, the magazine for restaurant professionals, recognized Fasolino's for exceptional merit and outstanding contributions to the world of fine foods.

Fasolino's imported Italian tomatoes are the choice of restaurant professionals and authentic Italian home cooking. view award...

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