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Fasolino’s Pasta uses only the finest Durum wheat to produce a high quality Semolina, whose proteins contain high levels of gluten. This gives Fasolino’s Pasta its consistency, flavor and texture.

When cooked, Fasolino’s Pasta will not stick together or form clumps. Fasolino’s Pasta will always cook al dente so the flavor remains and is not cooked out.

When cooking Fasolino’s Pasta, adding a touch of salt to the water brings out the flavor of the pasta. It is not necessary to add salt only to prevent the pasta from sticking together, since Fasolino’s high quality Semolina naturally prevents the pasta from sticking and clumping.

Adding oil to the water does not stop pasta from sticking together. Cooking with Fasolino’s Pasta and using the correct proportion of water to pasta (at least one quart of water for every quarter pound of pasta) will prevent the pasta from sticking together.

Fasolino’s Pasta should not be rinsed after cooking. Only poor quality pasta releases excess starch and requires rinsing. Fasolino’s Pasta releases only the natural starches that allow the sauce to adhere to the pasta better.

Uncooked pasta should always be stored in a cool, dry place and should never be frozen. It may be safe to freeze cooked pasta if it is combined with sauce to prevent it from drying out.

Fasolino’s Pasta does not contain any dairy products, nuts, nut products or soy.

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