What makes Fasolino’s imported pasta better?

Quality Wheat
Such as rich Durum 100% Italian Semolina from the rich soil of Fasolino’s own wheat fields located throughout Italy. 100% Durum Semolina, acclaimed by pasta experts as the best in the world!

Pure Water
In the purest sense...pasta’s second most important ingredient...drawn from 300-foot Artesian wells, so deep and so pure that there are no additives or chemicals present to alter its taste.

Expertise in Manufacturing
An old family formula dating back to 1918 is followed even today. This is combined with state-of-the-art automation for quality control and continuous product quality consistency. Fasolino manufactures approximately 860 million pounds of pasta annually, keeping pace with the ever-increasing demand for its pasta.

Fasolino's Pasta Brochure
Fasolino Pasta Brochure
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It’s Natural
Fasolino’s pasta is made in Italy with high standards for quality and taste, and with no artificial coloring or salt, and is low in starch content.

The Result
Tender but firm pasta, never mushy when you cook it, more flavorful than any pasta you have ever eaten!

Institutional, Retail, Private and Controlled Labels are also available upon request

2 Spaghettini
3 Spaghetti

1 Capellini
9 Fettuccine

11 Linguine
23 Ribbed Spears

32 Cut Ziti
41 Rigatoni

42 Fusilli
47 Shells

72 Elbows
101 Bow Ties
4 Vermicelli
5 Perciatelli
12 Thin Linguine
74 Tubettini Rigati
89 Small Shells
24 Mostaccioli Rigati
33 Cut Ziti Rigati
105 Tripolini - Small bows
69 Tubettini
22 Mostaccioli
362 Rotelli
51 Stortelli
80 Peperini
65 Tubettini Rigati
700 Cavatelli
48 Gnocchi
92 Stelline - Stars
66 Tubetti
20 Penne Lisce - Spears
61 Occhi Di Lupo
122 Lasagne
95 Semi Di Melone
34 Mezzani


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Telephone: 201.436.6106  •  Fax: 201.436.6109
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